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IHM Festival

Greetings valuable festival volunteers,

So much thanks to go around, and I could provide many specific examples, individual accolades, double Jesus points and authentic festival award certificates (which don’t really exist) but this would be a very long letter and you’ve already given more than enough of your time. Because of you, this past festival was a success in so many ways. When you were asked to help setup the festival you showed up, when you were asked to help move it inside Friday you showed up, when you were asked to help move it back outside Saturday you showed up. And apparently all of that wasn’t enough because when our guests were enjoying themselves yesterday and wanted to stay later last night, not one volunteer in a booth said they couldn’t stay past their already committed hours for us to remain open after scheduled hours. Not one. I was blown away by your smiles, your generosity and your kindness. You represented IHM in a magnificent way, you showed what defines us. That’s what this weekend is about. Christ communicates to us in so many ways, through his word, through his spirit, during the time we spend in silence with him and through the loved ones he surrounds us with. You allowed yourself to be a vessel for him to those you were surrounded by. On behalf of the entire Festival Committee, a very warm-hearted thank you to each of our Booth Chair’s and each everyone of our volunteers this past weekend. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Kristopher D. Geraci
IHM Festival Chair – Volunteers