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IHM Festival


It is once again time for us to represent our church and be the face of Jesus in welcoming and celebrating our wonderful community! That’s right, good ol’ face to face, non-filtered interaction, showcasing who we are and more importantly who we’re about! We’ve missed 2 years, well His kingdom is not about seeing the future, it’s about SEEDING it. What we plant today we’ll eventually live in so let’s get to work folks!

What can YOU do exactly? We’re so happy you asked!

  1. Volunteer! There are plenty of available areas and remember you can team up with a youngster for service hours in locations such as Indoor Children’s games, Outdoor Ticket games, Food, Pop/Water, and the Bid n’ Buy booths. Click here to volunteer!

Volunteer Co-chairs: Leslie Jelinek (513) 262-7852 [email protected] and Kim Colyer (513) 659-4540 [email protected]

  1. Get in EARLY on the forever popular Major Raffle and Sunday Unlimited Ride Bracelets! Click this link to purchase your raffle tickets and ride bracelets: Be sure to share this link for Major Raffle opportunities with your friends and family!

Major Raffle and Ride Bracelets Chair: Kathy Schrag (513) 325-9186 [email protected]

  1. Donate to the Bid ‘N Buy! Create and donate a themed basket or provide individual donations. Help us build the baskets after donations are provided, it’s like being an Easter bunny or making taco’s, everyone wins!

Bid ‘N Buy Co-chairs: Mike Dekker (612) 840-9854 [email protected] and Vicki Dekker [email protected]

  1. Commit to being a valued Sponsor or Patron at the festival! You receive extra Jesus points and receive access to our “Patron’s Place”, relax and take a break in the air condition with hospitality from the nicest couple ever, the Hilmer duo!  Forms are below.

Patron’s Co-chairs: Bob and Sandy Hilmer (513) 477-4250  [email protected]

Thank you for your consideration and for already clicking on those links to volunteer and purchase Major Raffle tickets. We are looking forward to celebrating with you! "When two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them" - Matthew 18:20
Questions, please contact Co-chair Chris Stautberg (513) 703-3450. 
All affirmation can go to Co-chair Kris Geraci (859) 912-2082. (Chris with a "C" actually does everything).