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IHM Young Adults Fellowship
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Theology Of The Body
WHAT is Theology of the Body (TOB)?
Theology of the Body is:  the title of Pope John Paul II’s study of how God reveals His mystery through the human body.  TOB explores the meaning of our bodies and of sexual desire as it relates to the purpose of our existence. 

TOB answers the following two questions:
  1. What does it mean to be human?  
  2. How can I live my life in a truly joy-filled way?

In order to do this, TOB takes us on a journey from our creation in the book of Genesis, addresses where we are today in history and looks forward to our destiny with Christ Jesus in heaven. Theology of the Body addresses how we can live our true purpose according to the calling given to us by God, whether a single person, celibate religious, or married. Basically, if you have a body, this theology is for you. 

Theology of the Body Resources:
Ruah Woods, 6675 Wesselman Road, Cincinnati, OH 45248, 513-407-8672

Ruah Woods offers various Theology of the Body classes adults and teens.

Recommended Books as an Introduction to Theology of the Body:
Theology of the Body for Beginners—Christopher West

Men & Women are from Eden—Mary Healy
Theology of His Body/Her Body*—Jason Evert *This is a great book for preteens and teens.
An Introduction to Theology of the Body   (adults)
Freedom to Love   (young adults)
God’s Plan For A Joy-Filled Marriage   (engaged couples)
Theology of the Body for Teens   (High School Edition)
Theology of the Body for Teens   (Middle School Edition) 

Please contact Deacon Russ & Missy Feldkamp if you are interested in learning more about Theology Of the Body or if you would like a presentation for a group or a parish. 513-753-3633