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Parish Religion Program (PRP)

Parish Religion Program (PRP) teaches God's story of love and salvation, building faith formation for children who attend public schools or for anyone who wants to engage in faith discussions.
Sunday Winter Session PRP for Grades K-8 - Our engaging Sunday PRP includes a Kindergarten class this year! Sunday PRP is an opportunity to meet with friends, discuss faith topics guided by trained catechists, and walk through the liturgical year together (September - April)  building the students' relationship to Jesus. We use Sophia Institute's Spirit of Truth Series with prayer, games, songs, crafts, and textbook activities to explore the beauty of God and the goodness contained in the Truths of the Catholic faith.
Dates and Times to be determined for 2024-25
Grades K–8 attend sessions in the school building.
          Sunday PRP Fees: 1 Child= $150      2 Children= $210    3 or more=$250
Summer PRP (Parish Religion Program) for Grades 1-8:  Our fun Summer PRP Program is a 2-week condensed experience for children with singing, faith sharing, crafts, and friends. We use the Sophia Institute Spirit of Truth Series as our basic text, but it needs to be supplemented by parents during the rest of the year. Due to the amount of material covered each day, please select the Sunday Winter PRP option if your child has appointments during PRP time or has to miss more than 1 day
   Summer PRP I: June 3-14, 2024 (Mon – Fri)     9:00 AM - 1:30 PM each day at Immaculate Heart of Mary

   Summer PRP II: July 15- 26, 2024 (Mon – Fri)  9:00 AM - 1:30 PM each day at St. John Fisher

Parent Meeting will be held the first day of the session at 9am in the cafeteria. It will take about an hour.

           If your child has cannot attend any of the above PRP options, please contact Donna Wenstrup at 513-388-4189 or [email protected] for other options.

           Summer PRP Fees: 1 Child= $150      2 Children= $210    3 or more=$250


2024–2025 Registration- Registration for Summer PRP, Confirmation Preparation, and homeschooling is now online.

       Please note, there are 4 steps to the online process, which takes about 15 minutes. You may pause and click on 'Save For Later' if needed. An email will be sent to you with a link to pick up right where you left off, rather than fill everything out a second time.

Step 1- Choose how many children you would like to enroll in a program.

Step 2- Registration. Complete and note that several of the fill ins are required. If the submit button does not work for you, please go back and make sure all the fields with a red asterisks * are filled in. For instance, the 1st               Signature and Date and insurance information are all required for it to submit correctly.

Step 3- Tuition Intention- Complete and submit.

Step 4- Parent Welcome Packet- please sign, date and submit (so I know you have this) and save a copy for                         yourself.

If you have any difficulty registering online, you may download copies to the right of this page or email [email protected].

*****Register Online at


For your convenience, also payments can be made online. Click that link or go to

As always, we can register anyone in the Welcome Center if computer access is not available, or if you encounter any difficulties with registering online.


For more information, contact Jay Mather at [email protected] or  Donna Wenstrup in the Formation Office at 513-388-4189.