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Buy Gift Cards ONLINE and EARN for IHM!


Times are changing and so is Shop$mart.  Shop$mart is phasing out its inventory and will no longer carry physical cards.     


Buying eGift cards ONLINE to your favorite retailers and service providers for your daily purchases is still a great way to earn money for IHM. And with Shop$mart, it's never been easier.   




Shop 750+ top brands and earn up to 20% for IHM on every gift card you buy.  You buy cards at face value and the vendor gives back to IHM the moment you buy the cards.  Raise money simply by doing everyday things—like grabbing your morning coffee, doing projects around the house or ordering takeout.  Buy eGift cards or reload your refillable cards on your phone while you’re in a store and use it right there on the spot.  No planning ahead anymore!  


Options when buying online (varies by vendor)

  • Have an eGift card sent to your email inbox for immediate use.  Or send to a gift recipient’s email inbox immediately or for a specific future date.
  • Reload money onto your refillable physical card for immediate use.

Note:  We are continuing to place large orders for physical cards for ministries, events, businesses, etc.  We are no longer ordering physical cards for individual small orders due to the cost of shipping, unless you prefer to get physical cards and want to pay the shipping.  For either need, please contact one of the volunteers below.   

3 Simple Steps to Get Started Today

  1. Download the RaiseRight mobile app on your smartphone or go to website on your computer.   
  2. Click “Join a Program” using IHM enrollment code 4C74C58E4714 and create your account.
  3. Securely set up online payment options with a linked bank account or credit card. Fee is only .15 cents for entire bank account transaction!


Contact or Jackie White (513-290-2149) or Tracey Barsczewski (203-767-9199)