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An Invitation of Conversion and Peace

Archbishop Schnurr released a letter regarding the senseless and brutal killing of George Floyd and an invitation to come together in prayer. In his letter, he speaks truths on how opposing racism is integral part of our pro-life witness as Catholics. There are no exceptions.
"What is needed, and what I am urging for each of us, is a genuine conversion of heart, a conversion that will compel change and ultimately reform our institutions and society. As Catholics, we are called to radiate the love of Christ to all people and to be witnesses to His kingdom on earth.
We are invited to join Archbishop Schnurr either in person or online this Wednesday, June 3, the Feast of St. Charles Lwanga, at 5:15 p.m. at the Cathedral of St. Peter in Chains for a Holy Hour for Conversion and Peace.
"We need to look deep within ourselves, in prayerful humility, and ask our Lord to remove any vestige of prejudice or hatred from our hearts, any sinful inclination that keeps us from loving as He does."
As one body in Christ, let us pray:
We thank you, O Lord,
For in your loving wisdom
You created one human family
With a diversity
That enriches our communities.
We pray to you, O Lord,
That we always recognize
each member of this human family
As being made in your image and beloved by you,
With worth and dignity.
We pray to you, O Lord,
That we may envision a way forward
To heal the racial divisions
That deny human dignity and
the bonds between all human beings.
We pray to you, O Lord
That we may affirm each person's dignity
Through fair access for all
To economic opportunity, housing,
Education, and employment.
We pray to you, O Lord,
That we may have eyes to see
What is possible when we reach out
Beyond fear, beyond anger,
To hold the hand of our sisters, our brothers.
We thank you, O Lord,
For your call and challenge to us
That we may reveal your teachings and your love
Through our actions to end racism
And to proclaim that we are all your children,
heirs to your sacred creation.
God Bless,
Father Tom Kreidler Source: Archdiocese of Cincinnati