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Worship Advisory Commission

The purpose of the Worship Advisory Commission is to plan and provide for the spiritual development of each member of the parish through liturgical celebrations on Sundays and major feasts and seasons. Members have a love for and a strong commitment to liturgy for a minimum of three years. The Commission meets on the first Tuesday of each month, September through May, at 7 p.m.

It is part of our mission to "live and share" the Good News of Jesus Christ.

For more information, contact Bob Andrews or Joanne Curoe
Staff Liaison: Dave Auxier
Liturgical Ministries
Altar Linen Care
This ministry is responsible for laundering the linen and towels used for our liturgies, approximately every 6-8 weeks only. There are no meetings involved.
Altar Servers
Servers assist the presider and deacon at the Lord's Table for all Eucharist and other liturgies.
Contact: Deacon Dave Shaffer, 513-388-4466
Scheduling: Joy Harbert, Gloria Ann Castlemen, Linda Wellman
For additional information please contact
Art & Environment
The Art & Environment Committee creates a beautiful, peaceful and prayerful environment to celebrate and enrich the liturgical events of our parish community. If you are interested in helping this seasonal committee with everything from ordering plants, to sewing banners and altar cloths, to arranging flowers, to moving supplies, to sweeping, we can use your help. We are especially hard at work during the Advent & Christmas season and the Lent & Easter season, so join us! There truly is something for everyone.
Extraordinary Ministers Of Holy Communion To Care Facilities
A privileged opportunity for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to bring Jesus Christ embodied in the Eucharist and in themselves to other Catholics in retirement homes or nursing care facilities through individual or group Communion Services.
New England Club: Carol Stretch, 513-947-9140
The Anderson: JoAnn Best, 513-474-5082
SEM: Joe Keeler
Asbury Woods: Viv Willging, 513-232-3488
Extraordinary Ministers Of Holy Communion To The Homebound
Through this compassionate ministry, we respectfully bring the Holy Eucharist to those who are ill or temporarily incapacitated and confined to their home. The frequency and duration of this ministry is determined by the individual needs of the homebound person. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion need to be good listeners, friendly, willing to spend a little time and flexible. 
Contact: Marge Gutekunst
Hospitality Ministers
Hospitality ministers welcome and assist all parishioners as they attend our weekend and holy day Masses. Members direct parishioners to available seats and assist the elderly or those with disabilities to appropriate seating and to Communion during Mass. Hospitality ministers lend a hand with the collection at the preparation of the gifts, facilitate the distribution patterns at the time of communion, and help distribute bulletins after Mass. 
Contact: Kevin Black, 513-474-6532
The ministry of lector involves the duty and privilege of bringing to life the scriptures at liturgy. Lectors proclaim the word of God to the community so that all may more meaningfully share in the Eucharistic celebration. Lectors give voice to God's healing, strengthening and promise-filled Word, aiding all of us to be moved closer to Him and bring greater glory to His name. 
Contact: Deacon Bill Mullaney, 513-388-3033
Scheduling: Bob Andrews, 513-528-9740
Mass Coordinators
Mass Coordinators work closely with the priests and deacons and coordinate all aspects of our liturgical celebrations.  They set up the sanctuary, organize communion stations, confirm lector and server assignments in preparation for the celebration of the liturgy and assist with countless other tasks to ensure that our worship and prayer is the best possible. They are assigned to every Mass or worship service at Immaculate Heart of Mary parish.
Contact: Deacon Dave Shea, 513-388-3032
Music Ministry

Music is an integral and vibrant part of our worship together at Immaculate Heart of Mary. Through vocal and instrumental music, our desire is to enhance the prayer of and lead the gathered assembly into a deeper faith experience. Through our commitment to ministry, we express our gratitude for all that God has given us.
Contact: Dave Auxier, 513-388-4090

Votive Candles
This ministry helps with the replacement and cleaning of the votive candles in Church.
Contact: Margie Parish, 513-232-2347
Wedding Mass Coordinators
Wedding Coordinators work closely with the priests and deacons, conduct ceremony rehearsals, and assist the engaged couple in coordinating the details for their wedding liturgy.
Contact: Mary Anne Stockmeier 513-231-7928