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Child Protection Advocacy

The Child Protection Advocacy and Opportunity team is committed to helping parishioners prevent and cope with the problems and trauma brought about by abuse. We promote opportunities for abuse prevention education, awareness activities, and compassionate outreach and advocacy for those harmed by abuse.

Contact: Kathy Weyer, 513-231-4752

Archdiocese of Cincinnati Decree on Child Protection

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati Decree on Child Protection requires all employees and all adult volunteers (those over 18) who work with children to complete a background check and attend the Child Protection Class.

Background Check Procedure Effective January 1, 2014
The Archdiocese of Cincinnati background check system changed January 1, 2014. All fingerprint sites are closed and all future background checks will be conducted online via computer.

What are the Changes? The Archdiocese has replaced fingerprinting with a company named “” One time enrollment through provides a thorough background check that automatically updates each individual’s records every 90 days. Some employees will still need a fingerprint background check every five years as required by law and/or the Archdiocese.

Who Needs a Background Check? Click Here for detailed information on the new procedure. Any questions feel free to contact Joan Cardone or call the Parish Office at 513-388-4466.