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Christ Renews His Parish Family

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Connect with parish community, renew your prayer life and establish lifelong friendships.

The Welcome! Christ Renews retreat has been a gift that has been given here at IHM for the past 35 years! People commonly ask, "What exactly is Welcome! Christ Renews? Is it a bible study or lecture, a lesson on catechism or a discussion on the ‘truths of the church’?" No, it is simply a chance to take a short break from everyday life in order to reconnect with our Lord. It will offer you the opportunity to meet other parishioners on similar faith journeys, discuss shared beliefs and to grow in Christian fellowship.

The retreat runs from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon and is held right here on our IHM campus. Welcome! Christ Renews is a true gift of the parish. There is no charge to those attending and all meals are included. What’s asked of you? Only the gift of your presence. Past attendees felt that the Welcome Retreat offered them the time and space to reflect on and renew their own personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the God who loves each of us personally and unconditionally.

Upcoming retreat dates:
Women Men
2022 Fall Date  
September 24 & 25, 2022
Janice Wiles 513-218-1112 and [email protected]
Contact: Ed Boldt
2023 Spring Date for Women
March 11 &12, 2023  

I've heard people rave about their "Chirp" retreat. What does that refer to?
The original Christ Renews His Parish retreat aka CRHP (often pronounced “chirp”) has been renamed to Welcome! Christ Renews. As our parish grows and evolves so does the opportunities it offers. This retreat has 35 years of history at IHM and has benefited hundreds of parishioners.

How much will this cost me?
Nothing. This retreat is a gift to you from the parish. Take advantage of it!

How long is the retreat?
The retreat begins at 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning and ends at approximately 3 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon. This is 31 hours you will not forget!

Where does this retreat take place?

The entire retreat takes place on the Immaculate Heart of Mary campus. The majority of the retreat is held in the Welcome Center.  There is no overnight stay for the 2021 retreat. There is also a visit to church for a reconciliation service and mass. 

Is the retreat only for new parishioners?

The retreat is open to any parishioner 18 years or older that wishes to enhance their relationship with our Lord by meeting others to walk alongside them on their faith journey.

How to I sign up or get more information?
Contact Gloria Ann Castleman, or call the Formation Office at 513-388-4093.

My reason for attending Christ Renews was two-fold. Being new to IHM, I wanted to meet women at our parish, and I wanted to deepen my faith. I was not sure what to expect when I signed up, but I felt God was guiding me to Christ Renews. By attending the retreat, I have met a wonderful group of women that I would not have met otherwise, and my faith has been re-ignited. Since the retreat, I have regularly met with the women who attended Christ Renews at the same time as I, and my life has been enriched through these relationships. It is wonderful to have a group of Christian women who will pray for you when you need it and be on the journey with you to grow in your relationship with God through Christ. I highly recommend Christ Renews.